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Resources & FAQ

Yeah so this is my resources/FAQ post now. I don't think I need that welcoming post anymore XD No graphic maker could exist without his resources so here are the lovely people who made my work what it is :]

- Current layout by heartfatality
- Icon table generator by elvishly

Textures & Brushes:
- jadedicons
- cro_girl880
- colorfilter
- lil_brokenangel
- cookinbythebook
- apinkpanthress
- antagia
- hanako_lovely
- innocent_lexys
- nokitas
- erniemay
- yunhe
- sixtysixheavens
- lookslikerain
- simpleandclean
- jordannamorgan
- bigbang_mint
- winterlillies
- mariarita
- fatal_complexes
- cbs
- rhcp_csi
- padabee
- spooky_window
- shalowater
- chamberten
- piemin
- discolore
- shark_bitten
- tiger_tutorials
- tropicalsundae
- icons_by_mea
- pildas
- lifeisdolce
- zinzibar
- Sal at Clash & Crash

Screencaps & Pictures:
- DMC capsllikerussia from gamecandy
- SPN LA con 2009 the lovely growyourwings
- SPN AHBL con by chasingangel82
- Bella Caps
- Striped Wall
- Jared Padalecki one two three
- Jensen Ackles one


1. Can I post here?
- Sorry but no. This community is for my graphics only. You are welcome to friend/join for further updates.

2. How can I use your graphics?
- Anyway you want. Just make sure you don't claim them as your own and don't use them for profitable purposes.

3. What program do you use?
- Photoshop CS3

4. Something's wrong and I can't download the zip files. What do I do?
- I always make sure everything's up and running. If there is something wrong, try different ways of downloading before telling me it doesn't work. Usually it's a problem with your downloading program. And if the file is no longer there then I'll re-upload it.

5. Can I friend your personal journal?
- It's friends only but I welcome new friends. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully there. I only add you back if we've connected somewhere in the past so if I feel that I don't know you that well, I won't add you. So no hard feelings.

6. Do you take requests?
- Unless I say so then no. I love taking requests but it's just that I don't have the time but when I do I will happily say that I am taking requests. However, you can request any tutorial you'd like to see of an icon you saw and wonder how I made. Hopefully, I'll have the PSD and be able to make one.

7. Can I affiliate with you?
- Sure can. Just leave me a comment.

8. Do I have to comment on every entry? Or even comment at all?
- Well, no. If you visit more than one entry at the same time you don't have to comment on every single one, that will be a hassle for me as I have to go through all of them. You can just comment on the latest entry you visited and say that you took something from the older entries.
Commenting is not mandatory, I mean I won't hunt you down and force you to do it. But, it helps me as a graphic maker to know what you guys like so I can continue making them. And it really means a lot when someone takes the time to say "These are great! Thank you for sharing!"

9. I can't see the pictures and there are Photobucket ones instead.
- That's because selfish idiots are hotlinking to the images and so the bandwidth exceeds its limit. If you see my work being uploaded or hotlinked any where without my consent please let me know.

Profile Layout F.A.Q.

1. How do I put codes in for a profile layout?
- Just go to "Edit profile" and paste the code in the Bio section. I don't include the images in the code but they're in the zip files. Then you just upload the image to your own image host and then copy the URL in the place specified in the code. You can change the images, font, color etc. if you want, as long as you leave in the credit.

2. I'm really dumb with codes, can you please help me out?
- Of course I can! And don't think you're stupid or whatever just because you don't understand codes. They are complicated and even I'm not a genius with them, I just know the basics. Whatever your problem is let me know and I'll help.

3. I copied the code exactly but my profile looks all funny. What did I do wrong?
- Most probably nothing. But before you tell me it's not working properly, make sure your image host DOESN'T resize images and view the profile in Firefox. I only use Firefox so I have no idea what the profile will look like in the other browsers.

4. Why is the image of the profile repeating itself?
- These specific type of layouts where the text is overlapping the image, have constant widths AND height. Meaning that if your text is more than the amount like the preview, the image will automatically repeat itself.

5. Can I add more sections in the layout?
- Yes you can except the layouts with the text overlapping the image. Just copy the code containing the title and paste it again and you'll have a third section.

6. I read the FAQ and I still can't find what I'm looking for.
- Then leave me a comment here and I'll get back to you.
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