Hiatus Over!

And the hiatus is officially over!! It's been really long I know but life has been acting crazy and so I finally got some free time on my hands again. I'll start posting the things I've finished and will start working on some new stuff =D

Another Hiatus

I haven't posted anything for over a month now, been kinda busy with my personal life so I'm sorry about that. The hiatus will still continue for the coming 2 weeks or so due to my coming finals. I wish everyone the happiest of holidays and a happy new year! Don't get wasted now!


I never found these dangling shapes with high resolution so I made some ^^ These are really big so consider yourself warned XD These brushes were made in Photoshop 7 and I included an image pack for other programs.

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MJ 2

30 Speed Demon Icons

Some Speed Demon icons, didn't he look gorgeous in this video x3
My bandwidth keeps increasing without me uploading anything so again please STOP HOTLINKING! It's not that hard, if this continues I'll make this community members only and I'll remove the members I already have. If you see any hotlinks to my images, please tell me.


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MJ 4

Texture Set #13

Haven't done textures in a while so here's a little sparkly set :) You should all be able to see the images by tomorrow or after tomorrow since my bandwidth will be reset so please this time no hotlinking! Enjoy!

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10 Michael Jackson Profile Layouts

Finally got some MJ profile layouts done. I have to admit, this has to be my favorite batch of profile layouts I've done so far =] If you have any questions regarding installing codes check the F.A.Q. Please read the important notes at the end of the entry. Click on picture to download the zip file with the code and picture. And yeah, the preview image sucks...

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