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Blue Rose
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Graphics including icons, textures and much more!
Blue Rose

So Blue Rose is a graphics community for all my graphics and all the the things that I tend to fangirl over which are a lot.

I decided to make their very own community since I make a lot. Feel free to lurk around and grab whatever you like :D Without stealing of course!

- Comments really do make my day =] ♥

- Credit isn't mandatory but it's really appreciated so people will know where to find the graphics and so no one can redistribute them as their own.

- Please DON'T redistribute, claim as your own or alter without my permission. I work hard on these.

- Absolutely NO hotlinking!! It kills bandwidth and it's like you're stealing, no one likes thieves.

- No hater comments! If there are any, you will be banned!

- If you like what you see, feel free to watch for updates!

- And finally: enjoy!!

I'm not asking for much so please I'd really appreciate it if you just be respectful :)

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